Deuce Entertainment, DVD Distributor and Wholesaler


Deuce Entertainment, LLC is committed to conducting business with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.  We pride ourselves on cultivating long-term relationships with our vendors and retailers founded on core principals like mutual trust, professionalism and respect. 

Deuce operates its own private full-service warehouse totaling 85,000 square feet in Terre Haute, Indiana. From this warehouse, all products are stocked and shipped. Our warehouse supports Deuce’s customers with beneficial services such as ticketing, building, packing, shipping, and store-to-store order fulfillment.”


Direct Relationships with Major Studios: Deuce has cultivated strong, direct relationships with the major movie studios, guaranteeing Deuce first access to A list inventory at the most competitive prices.

Direct to Store Distribution and E-Commerce Order Fulfillment: Deuce offers direct to store distribution for retailers who lack their own distribution centers and can also fill orders and ship directly to consumers.

Superior Industry Knowledge: With both a broad and deep knowledge of the entertainment industry, Deuce Entertainment offers consulting services to retailers, helping them make educated buying decisions when selecting inventory.
  • Value-Added Services: Deuce is proud to offer a variety of value-added services including assorted case packs, product bundling, custom packaging, automated ticketing and UPC renumbering and/or price tags and POP displays such as countertop and floor displays. Deuce also supports its retailers by holding inventory until they are ready to ship for up to three months once a PO is signed.



Access to Non-Traditional Distribution Channels: Deuce has developed relationships with a network of smaller, non-traditional distribution channels and can place product in new distribution streams.

Strong Cash Reserves: With ample cash on hand, Deuce Entertainment is uniquely positioned to close deals quickly, even making payment and moving inventory within 24 hours. We make the investment and carry inventory for the entire year to support our vendors and retailers.
  • High Volume Capacity: With 85,000 square feet of private warehousing and its own distribution center, Deuce is equipped to handle high volumes, in the millions.

  • Honored Vendor Restrictions: Deuce Entertainment is committed to honor all vendor restrictions, carefully ensuring that there will be no interference with its vendors’ traditional distribution channels.

  • Direct to Retail Strategy: Deuce will never broker merchandise between vendors and retailers or sell to middlemen, including wholesalers.



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